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Enigma Machine - Crack The Codes

Indoor Fun Team Challenge Event Dublin Cork Galway

Duration: 2 Hours

Availability: all year.

Locations: at your office, hotels, schools etc.

Suitable for: Adults/Youth

The Enigma Machine was developed during World War II to sent encrypted messages to troops on the ground. It was deemed to be uncrackable.

Now it's your chance to try the impossible and crack the machine on this fun indoor team building challenge.

We've recreated the Enigma Machine and made it a little bit easier to crack!

This table top challenge sees your group divide into smaller teams. Their mission: crack a series of codes each of which will give you a word. This challenge has many formats and introduces you to some of the oldest methods of encryption.

A fascinating and exciting event as the intensity builds as you get closer to cracking the Enigma Machine.

When you have all the words you can use them to program the Enigma Machine and determine the missing word.

So for your next Sports & Social or Fun Team Building event with a difference you've come to the right place!

'Big thanks to your team for yesterday's event, you ran it very well and engaged the teams on all levels. I personally thought that it was great fun and the feedback from all concerned that it was very enjoyable.' Enigma Machine Event 2016

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