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Cultural Tours & Activities Ireland

Irelands Ancient East- Explore Castles, Jails, Tombs

Ireland is famous for its' rich culture- music & food, castles, archaeology and loads more. At The Adventure Agency we don't just drag you along on a boring guided tour- we bring you to the hidden Ireland; 5,000 year old burial tombs on mountain tops. Treasure Hunts to show you the beautiful sites around our cities and towns. Can break your team out of a 250 year jail?

No matter what type of group you have we can design an event full of cultural activities and experiences:

•  Archaeology Walks: To Suit All Abilities

•  Jail Break: Set In A Real Jail!

•  Ancient Castles: Explore Castles Most Visitors Don't See.

•  Treasure Hunts: A Fantastic Alternative To A City Guided Tour.

•  Celtic Games: Enjoy Some Traditional Irish Games.

•  Celts vs The Vikings: Your Group Battle It Out On These Ancient Games.

Combine your tour with the best of Irish food and music to make a trip your group will never forget.

We can take you off the beaten track and into the real Ireland. Many of our tours take place in and around Dublin but we can bring you to any part of this beautiful country.

Email us today and we'll help you plan the perfect trip to Ireland.

Our Tour Guides are skilled at relaying the stories of the past and bring a location to life. We provide tour guides with fluent German, French, Italian and Dutch.

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