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Once paid we will add you to the expeditions Facebook group. Remember that fligt prices fluctuate so the sooner you book them the better.

Frequently asked questions about our Arctic Expedition to Northern Finland.

How many days is the expedition? 8 Days. The first day will be spend travelling to Finland, we arrive at the expedition base on the Monday evening. We then have 6 days in Finland. The 8th day is spent travelling back to Ireland.

Do I need ski experience? It would certainly help but we don't expect everyone to have experience. Cross country skiing is different than downhill. The skis are much narrower and you wear lighter boots. It's more about technique and efficiency than speed. Full tuition will be provided over the first few days.

What kit do I need? Included in your expedition fees is the hire of specialist cold weather clothing and sleeping bags. You'll need to bring thermal clothing, warm fleeces, hat and gloves, boots etc. More details will be provided on our training sessions, however, we are endeavoring to cover as much costs as possible in the expedition fees so you won't have to invest in specialist equipment.

How many participants will there be? We have space for 10 to 15 participants.

What are the costs? The expedition fees are €1,490. Flights are extra. You can arrange your own flights but it's important to note that unless you do so through a travel agent you will have very little support if there are problems with flights. You can fly from Ireland, UK or anywhere in the world but we ask that you are on our flight from Helsinki to Kittila on the 22th Feb.

What is NOT included in the price? Insurance (see below), warm clothing, outdoor boots, this is all kit you probably have already, if not we can advise on how to best purchase, any extra tours etc.

Do I need additional insurance It is essential that all participants take out additional insurance for the expedition. This should cover repatriation to Ireland and rescue fees. Let us know if you need details on insurance companies. It is not expensive and costs about €40. We also advise that you apply for your EHIC (formally E11). As this is serious undertaking participants must be aware that the risk of cold injuries and ski related injuries is higher.

Who are the guides? Lead Guide is Ronan Mullen who has worked in the outdoors professionally for over 20 years. This is his 4rd Arctic Expedition and has many others to Norway, Sweden and the Alps. Renowned Outdoor Chef and Guide Kieran Creevy will also be joining us for his 7th expedition to the Arctic Circle. Both Ronan and Kieran and International Mountain Leaders, highly qualified to lead groups in high, remote and wild locations all over the world.

What is the accommodation like? The expedition will be based in the Totavaara Lodges, we'll have one large lodge for our expedition. The accommodation can be best described as hostel style, there is one large communal bunk room, heating is by log s and lighting by solar power (when available!). Toilets are in another building outside. There are no showers but there is a a traditional style sauna which also provides hot water for washing. The lodge is very cosy!

Is this a macho man in the woods trip or is suitable for women? This expedition is no walk in the park, you will need to be fit but you have time to build your fitness and we will provide you with a personalised fitness program to get you ready. We've found in previous expeditions some women have better dealt with the conditions and the challenge than some men. Women have out numbered the lads on the past 3 expeditions.

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